Images of New Orleans Restored!

Since returning from this trip last year I have tried and failed to restore the lost photos (see relevant comment from the time below) from the all important New Orleans visit.  After all its was our starting out point.  I’m not sure if I got them all but at least it gives a good flavour of the place and will cheer me up when I’m reflecting on this wonderful trip in my dotage.


2 thoughts on “Images of New Orleans Restored!

  1. Hi Nigel, I don’t know if this helps but, as your blogs and pictures were so much better than my photos, I kept them. If you are missing anything, I can resend them back to you. I don’t know if you are still in the UK on 24th October but, if you are Mark and I have just bought tickets to see the Wishbone Ash 50th Anniversary show at The Brook. Care to join us? After two years of looking, and giving serious consideration to buying a Gibson L 00 depression era roots guitar in dark sunburst like Robert Johnson’s, I discovered a right hand Gretsch for £295. I am taking it to Brian Hayward to fit and cut a new nut and a new lhd bridge saddle which will involve removing the original saddle, filling the slot with matching wood, rerout the other way and fit a new compensated Graphtec left handed saddle. I’ve attached a picture. It’s gorgeous and very well reviewed in an Anderton’s video. Regards Andrew

    Andrew G Hill FRICS MCIArb Upbank 3 New Cottages Furzedown Road Kings Somborne Stockbridge SO20 6NL

    Tel:     01794 388198 Fax:    01794 388198 Mob:   07802 321275 email:


    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for all this. I still have my photos thanks, its just that I accidentally deleted some from the early postings. I resolved this yesterday, as you probably have seen, by just tagging them on the front end as a new posting. WordPress were unable to help at all with the issue! Good news about your new acoustic. Sounds great and I look forward to seeing it post Haywards. Not sure if I told you that after searching for a good quality used SG ’61 reissue I gave up and took your advice and bought one of the new ‘Original’ issues. It a beautiful guitar, very light with a very smooth fret board. Sadly I won’t be around for Wishbone Ash but I hope you have a good time. Aged 16 I was in a soul band in the Westcountry and we would frequently share the bill with Martin Turners then trio. Can’t recall the name of the band. Even then they were very professional and produced a great sound for a 3 piece. I can visualise their stacks of Marshalls now. No one else had them at the time. He went onto form Wishbone Ash and I went out to work!! Should be back at Christmas. Perhaps there will be some good bands close by then. All best Nigel


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