Over & out!

It’s hard to believe, but our 5 week jaunt around America ends today.  We have been asked about our highlight.  Interestingly we both elected for our time in the Mississippi Delta.  For me this was inevitable given the States connection with the birth of the blues and my main motivation for the trip in the first place.  However it was surprising, to me anyway, that Linda also opted for Mississippi.  It is unquestionably unique in terms of it’s geography, food, infrastructure and most importantly its inhabitants.  In general their warmth, friendliness and openness was palpable.  There is also, undeniably,  real poverty to be found there, especially outside the cities.  Yet it has a charm that affected us both and we hope to return some day.  The great weather also helped a lot.  As soon as we left Mississippi and arrived in Memphis the weather changed for the worse.  By the time we got to Chicago it was positively cold and this didn’t change until we were into our first week in California.  Who’d have thought this?  They have sayings in California that I would suspect is news to most of us “May grey, June gloom!”.  Bear this in mind anyone, like us,  coming to the west coast for the first time.  Locals say that the good weather doesn’t arrive until 4th July.  Thankfully the weather has improved and with it our enjoyment of the area in general.  Oddly enough I have concluded that whilst I could live here for the way of life, laid back interesting people and excellent restaurants to be found; as a holiday destination I can think of numerous other places to chose from, many of them only a 2 hour flight from the UK.  Good job that we are all different.

Some stats:

3800 miles driven, 3 flights, 8 States visited, goodness knows how many towns visited, especially in Mississippi, 12 hotels, 2 apartments and 2,800 burgers!

In general we both agree that it has been great fun and a trip of a lifetime.  The low lights were No.1. our dealings with Budget Car Rentals who can be proud of the fact that they live up to the worst possible criticisms of their industry in general and then add a few little nasties of their own to boot.  Commercially and morally they display disgraceful behaviour at a time, as they well know, when their ‘customers’ are tired and vulnerable.  Can you sense a letter coming on? Secondly we were quite shocked by our reaction to San Francisco.  We simply didn’t like the place.  This was tempered, we know, by the weather and our very bad choice of accommodation.  Overall not bad though if this is it over a 5 week period.

All good things must come to an end and whilst we are sad to be leaving we are also looking forward to seeing our family again and catching up with friends.  Never fear folks I will have the 3 hour slide show ready for you all by this time next week!  Thanks to everyone who has followed this blog and especially those who have taken the trouble to comment.  I have tried not to be too hurt!!!!!  I hope never to drive a car again and my onetime love of a good burger has sadly been destroyed.

And finally…….

The blond blowing our last few dollars in Rodeo Drive on the penultimate day.
Last supper, well lunch actually, at a brilliant French Restaurant in the equally brilliant Farmers Market L.A.
This is how I am returning our once gleaming GMC SUV to Budget Car Rentals.  That’ll bl**dy show ’em!


12 thoughts on “Over & out!

  1. Brilliant, Nigel – from beginning to end. You have a great talent as a writer. Another career beckons?

    All the best to you and Linda. Safe journey.



  2. Hi Nigel.

    Look forward to seeing you at the golf club on Friday. Hope you don’t mind but I have entered us in the medal competition?:-) and none of that jetlag excuse stuff!!

    Have a great flight.



  3. Can’t wait to see you both! We have loved your blogs (some more than others 😉) but unfortunately due to the time difference it appears you haven’t received all my loving comments 🤪😘 love ya xxxx
    Safe journey xx


  4. Safe flight back . See you in a couple of weeks . Guess you will be up point one on Friday 😂😂


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