Penultimate Post……..

It is 5.00pm on Monday 4th June as I write from Venice Beach California.  In 48 hours we will be at the airport starting our journey home.  Five weeks, in the main, have flown by.  We’re having a lazy day today so its a good time to catch up – blog wise…….

The motivation for this blog was music.  Blues music to be precise and so it was a pleasure to meet this man – Tommy Mitchel who runs a vintage record shop in Venice. Having purchased a few old vinyl blues albums, I got chatting to Tommy who it turns out is an entrepreneur but most of all a man of music.  It transpired that he plays a mean blues harmonica (Harp) so I asked him to give me a lesson.  I sound like a child learning to play the violin, but its fun and I will persevere.  Good to meet you Tommy.


Here we are at the Beverly Hills Hotel having had coffee beside the pool ($24 inc tip!).  I promised Linda that I would one day get her onto the red carpet!


Above and below, by chance, witnessing the unveiling of the new Jurassic World film in L.A.  The two stars of the film were there but we didn’t recognise either of them.


At the same place was this incredible display of American vintage cars.  Its a tragedy that America lost one of its defining factors, in my view, by allowing these beauties to become museum peices.  There must have been 50 cars on display in total.

My sister in law says that the best thing about travel is meeting people, and she is right.  Especially here in America where everyone is so approachable and friendly.  Second only to this, for me anyway, is food.  Specifically seeking out the best examples of local food.  These pancakes were mentioned on a TV programme we watched, so we went in search of them in Santa Monica.  Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The batter is made by folding in whipped egg whites to make them as fluffy as clouds.  Utterly delicious………

Why is Long Beach California kept as a secret?  No one told me what a great place it is.  It has everything from a great water front, shops, restaurant and amazing beach.  If I came back to California I would base myself here.  In a country riddled with national debt, around $24 trillion I believe (UK £1.6 trn) and crumbling as you look at it, it was a pleasure to be in a city which has clearly received massive local investment.  Everything looks well designed, laid out and constructed.  It is a city to be proud of and should be promoted.  However, apart from The Queen Mary, I hadn’t a clue that it was a destination that should be on everyones itinerary.  Oddly, it reminded me of Dubai as everything around the marina is shiny and new.

Just in case you were worrying that the USA was becoming less entrepreneurial.  Only in America!



More food!  Just as we are leaving, we discovered this Japanese supermarket just around the corner.  In addition to provisions it serves delicious looking meals from 5 different food stations.  We’ll be eating there tonight before going onto a blues club in Santa Monica.  It’s open jam night there so I may take my harmonica along and see if I can clear the place!


One of the joys of renting an apartment as opposed to staying in a hotel is the sense of temporary integration with the local community.  Because of this we have met many very nice and often interesting people.  Walking around the streets we have picked up numerous ideas for our garden in Spain which has a similar climate to the LA area.  We’ll be going down the succulent route in future.  Of the many and varied gardens we came across this one today.  Well it is California!



3 thoughts on “Penultimate Post……..

  1. Hi Nigel.

    Enjoy your last couple days and see you on Friday on the tee. Think you will find Stoneham a little different.



  2. One thing we love about LA is people you meet are never in their real jobs there always actors or musicians in between jobs. Enjoy last few days and safe flight home. Rogino xx


  3. On Nige. I’m feeling the passion. You’re getting it/ have got it. Fab. Can’t wait to exchange magic moments. We love Cali and those quirky yanks so much! People matter.

    Was Chris Pratt at the JP shindig? He’s a cool guy. Got me at Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. So envious of your opportune moment. Hope you waved regardless of recognition status 😂

    See you guys to share those delightful Stones and their magic v soon. Safe xx


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