Farewell to New Orleans…….

We departed from N.O. yesterday after 3 fun packed days.  The weather has been nice and warm but overcast which was perfect given all the walking we did.  The previous night was one to remember, centered around Bourbon Street – naturally.  Three highlights:

  1. Managed to pursued the best fish restaurant in town (G W Finns) to give us a table even though they said they were full.  I haven’t lost it!
  2. Met two world leaders in Bourbon Street and persuaded them to have a photo with us.
  3. Enjoyed our favourite band ‘Dysfuntional’ (they are anything but) until the early hours.
The obligatory holding up the glasses shot!
Catfish wings – sounds horrible but delicious cooked this way
Photoing food is a first for me, but we Bloggies have a duty I’m told.

After dinner we walked down Bourbon Street to our favourite bar and bumped into these chaps.  Fortunately we broke through security for this photo.

Notice I kept Linda well away from the Trump fumble.  We had a good chat which seemed to go down a bomb!
A poor photo of just part of ‘Dysfunctional’ playing Honky Tonk Woman.  Unfortunately the video wouldn’t down load

And so to bed………..

2 thoughts on “Farewell to New Orleans…….

  1. Great stuff Nigel. Glad the Kim /Trump meeting already happened and the ‘fake news’ didn’t click!! Enjoying your blog, looking forward to the next one!
    Visiting an old New Jersey friend a couple of years ago in Florida, out for my early morning walk over the local bridge. Passed a lot of fisherman, one had a very good catch. I told my friend, he said “probably catfish…was a he a black guy?”. I said yes, didn’t know you could eat catfish…..he said “that guy will eat anything!”. So sounds like he had good taste after all!!


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