It’s been a bad I.T. day…..

Anyone who knows me understands that if I had to make a living as an IT techie I would have starved by now.  It’s all double Dutch to me.  Nevertheless I try to learn the dark art and to this end have wasted around 2 hours today trying to import photos from my Mac file to the Blog file.  In desperation I contacted Richard Smith, said retired lawyer and now my chief IT assistant.  Sadly he was as useful as a chocolate tee pot (I will be suing) and so I turned in desperation to the concierge at the hotel for names of local computer shops to help me out.  “I’ll have a go” says Arielle (my new best friend) and within 2 minutes had solved the problem.  What a gal….  And all it cost me was a letter of praise to her manager.

We have just returned (Friday) from a trip on the last River Steam Boat on the Mississippi (there are only two left in the USA).  Its something you have to do of course but at $50 each including an inedible lunch, I couldn’t really recommend it.  We should have learned by now.


Yesterday was spent getting our bearings in N.O. and in particular the renowned French Quarter.  We arrived fairly early (jet-lag) for breakfast to the world famous Bourbon Street.  In many ways this was a mistake.  Bourbon Street is all about night life.  We therefore left the area wondering what all the fuss was about and returned later that night for dinner.  WOW!!!!! fantastic!  My photos will not do it justice. All I will say is that its amazing and unique in our experience.  Everyone should visit this street at least once.  The quality of bands playing in various venues (no charge to enter) was nothing short of brilliant.  Anyone of them would win The X Factor. (which I think is a compliment?)

Bourbon Street by day.  Rather drab and smelling of stale fish from the previous nights entertainment.
Bourbon Street at night.  Another wonderful exciting world.  Not sure who the blond is?
Great venue for R&B music
Fantastic music venue.  Apologies for the angle of photo, it looked fine when I took it at midnight!

By way of a reminder, the first two weeks of this adventure is to travel along Route 61 aka the Blues Trail.  This starts in earnest tomorrow when we leave N.O. and travel north into Mississippi state.  N.O. is really about Jazz music rather than the blues.  This said the bands we enjoyed last night ranged from Soul to R&B.  Nevertheless, this is a blues tour and the best I can offer you for now was to be found at Hard Rock Cafe where we had lunch.  See below.  The real Delta blues goodies will commence tomorrow.

Peter Frampton is probably best know for his collaboration with Steve Marriot in Humble Pie.  He is also a very good blues guitarist.  The Guitar is a 1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom.
This is Delta Blues gold.  I have never seen John Lee Hooker playing an acoustic on Youtube so it was a pleasure to find this on display.  Although in poor general condition, This Gibson Country & Western is probably worth around $100k?

PS.  My buddy Cark has asked for more pictures as he struggles with reading!!!!!  Hope this helps my friend?

PPS.  Just getting ready for a second evening on Bourbon Street.  Wish us luck!

5 thoughts on “It’s been a bad I.T. day…..

  1. My first thought is; you are punching above your weight with that blonde!!! She looks gorgeous 😍 and secondly it’s ‘tea pot’ not ‘tee pot’ 🤪 I will over look these discrepancies for now and wait for the next one!! Love ya😘😘


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